A new bilingual Hebrew-German poetry selection: Zu Deiner Frage

(Verlagshaus Berlin 2015, translation: Gundula Schiffer, Illustrations: Jul Gordon).

zu deiner frage full

A new bilingual Hebrew-English poetry selection: To the inner Court

(with artist Tsibi Geva, Even Hoshen Books 2015), various translators.

“To the inner Court” is a rendezvous between poems by poet Tal Nitzán and paper works and collages by artist Tsibi Geva. Through the new encounters created in this court, the works illuminate each other anew and extract from each other colors and music which they did not possess on their own.

to the inner court-front

New at 'Restless Books': At the End of Sleep

With At the End of Sleep (2014), a bilingual anthology selected from the past decade of Israeli poet Tal Nitzán’s work, one of Hebrew poetry’s most powerful and acclaimed contemporary voices is finally given her English-language due. Reaching beyond lyricism for its own sake with her lucid, sharp, and occasionally ferocious verse, Nitzán illuminates sexuality and struggle, protests the abuse of power, and plumbs the depths of the Israeli condition.

Robert Pinsky: "Tal Nitzán's poetry thrills me with its double nature, at once passionate and sardonic. It's a pleasure to read a book of translations that have formal grace in English. It's the formal grace that enables a dual voice, compassionate and harsh, capable of being topical and inward, heartfelt and ironic."

at te end of sleep-bilingual

"D'un burin de fer" (Anthologie de poésie israélienne engagée, traduction de Isabelle Dotan, Al Manar, France)

(El tercer niño" (Pen Press, Argentina-USA"


"O ponto da ternura" (Lumme Editore, Brasil), translation: Moacir Amancio

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